The Mind Behind CieraNicholle


To the reader:

I originally started my blog in 2013 because I wanted to talk about what was going on in fashion and none of my friends cared but it’s not that I blame them not everyone can keep up with up and coming designers and constant changes with trends. So I needed an outlet where I can just put it all out there and be in a community where people shared my passion.
My long term goal for this site is to give it more of a magazine vibe. Of course I will still post pictures of my outfits sometimes. Fashion is very visual for me so although I suck at photography there is no way around having the visual. But I want to discuss things that are going on in the industry too and have an opinion. And find out yours too.
I don’t talk much in person so you will find that a lot of my writing just gets straight to the point. I prefer not to ramble on too much unless I am absolutely obsessed about something. Besides you are probably reading these posts on your lunch break or on a train somewhere so I only have but so much time to get your attention.




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