Chloe Bags, Beyond Meat, and Reading

Hey you! Welcome to the style firm! This week I am discussing a few things that I am loving this month. There will be no outfit pic this week because I’m suffering from a mild skin reaction (trying new skincare comes with a price unfortunately) so I am just going to soak my face in aloe vera today and type. 



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Recently I have been tinkering with the question: if I purchased a high end luxury bag today which one would it be? So I have been narrowing down my favs and considering what brands I love the most. I decided that it would be best for me to purchase a classic item that I predict I will still be in love with for the next 5-10 years instead of a trendy item.

I know this is really hard to predict but if I’m going to spend $1k-$2k I need to at least be close. I love Chanel but honestly the annual price increases terrify me and I know that I am not ready to jump straight into Chanel. I love the brand Saint Laurent also but I have some concerns about whether I will still love it in 5-10 years.

I have been in love with Chloe for a few years now and after seeing more bags from their Faye line I think they might fit the bill. I am currently doing research on the Faye backpack and the Faye Day bag to see which one I will like better but honestly it is a tough decision. They are both equally gorgeous! I love everything from the front flap to the silver and gold hardware to the zippers on each side. I don’t plan on purchasing the bag anytime soon (I don’t even know if I will purchase this year but who knows right?) but stay tuned, check out these pics of both bags and if you are in the market for a chloe bag feel free to shop them below!

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Beyond Meat

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After getting a few recommendations from friends on how to “eat like a vegan” I decided to give “faux meat” another chance. I was hearing some really great things about the Beyond Meat brand so a month ago I purchased their grilled chicken strips and geez I am so glad I did.

These strips are literally the closest you can possibly get to eating chicken if you are vegan or vegetarian. I am not vegan but I do enjoy benefiting from a plant based diet. I suffer from migraines as well as stomach issues and I have noticed some major changes in my body due to my change in eating habits. Let’s get back to the chicken strips because I could talk about eating healthy all day.

These strips are made with soy and pea protein isolate, rice flour, canola oil and a few other ingredients. I wouldn’t eat these every single day but I think this is a good option to throw in a few stir frys, veggie bowls, or a pasta dish. I am willing to bet a couple dollars that if I were to blindfold you and you ate this, then you would say that it is chicken. I said what I said! Lol.  



Since I have started blogging consistently every week I have been looking for ways to make my writing better and find my writing voice. Sometimes I feel like I just cant get the words out the way I want. They say if you want to be a better writer then you need to read more. I have been spending some time here and there at the library looking for writing books and books just for entertainment. I haven’t started on these yet but here are just a few books that caught my eye and I picked up at the library:


I love a good psychological thriller. This book seems very fast paced which is what I need right now.



This book has a weird storyline so I got it based off of curiosity.


I’m in my 30s but yes I still read teen fiction. I hope this one is as good as the art on the cover.


I looked this book up on Goodreads and I saw that it had good ratings so I will give it a shot and see if it helps me with my writing.


Comment below your thoughts on my favs this month! Also, what items do you love this month? Please share! If you have been enjoying my posts please don’t forget to subscribe! Signup with your email address and you will receive a notification whenever I post! 

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