CieraNicholle Fashion Blog will be back soon

Right now I am gearing up for the holiday season and waiting on some new blogging equipment to arrive. The website is going to have some new design changes and hopefully a new home! My plan is to start posting new content again during the holiday season (I have already started on it so don’t worry lol) 🙂
Thank you to everyone who consistently stops by to read my blog. I haven’t always been consistent with my content but starting in late 2017/2018 I have made the decision to provide new content every other Sunday to start (and eventually start posting weekly on Sundays) no matter what! Blogging while holding down a full time career is no joke but fashion blogging is all I think about so I figured it’s either go hard with this or just shut down the site and not waste anyone’s time. I decided I’m all in. I’ll be back soon.

Thank you,