Effortless Ways to Style Printed Pants

Effortless style: Style that is unchallenging, painless, and straightforward. 

Hey you! Today I am discussing effortless ways to style printed pants. If you have a pair of printed pants hanging in your closet right now that you haven’t worn yet be prepared to receive some serious style inspo that will have you wearing them right away! I don’t wear the printed pants I own very often since I’m always on a denim high so I came up with the idea to play around with different looks and see which one I enjoy the most.

A lot of people think that printed pants are not easy to style due to the many colors and sometimes complicated patterns. As with any statement piece, you want to make sure that it gets the majority of the attention. This concept is the same with printed pants. You don’t want to overdo it so I recommend keeping your top, shoes, and bag pretty simple (very little details) so that the pants are the main attraction. Now I want to warn you in advance some of the stuff I’m wearing is no longer sold however I did the work for you to find some similar looks that you can feel free to shop below 🙂


Exhibit A

This is a pair of printed pants that I purchased from Forever 21 a few years ago. I am attracted to patterns that involve the color black and I believe these were on sale, so naturally I wanted to try them out. These pants have a high waist and the leg is a bit on the skinny side but they fit perfectly. I would wear something like this on a warm spring day since the fabric is very light.

With this look I paired these beautiful pants with a white long sleeve top that I recently purchased from & Other Stories when they were having a huge sale (if you missed out on that amazing sale so sorry not sorry lol). The top ended up being a lot bigger than i expected (I’m losing weight and apparently I think I’m a lot bigger than what I really am) but I decided to make it work and just tuck it into pants for a casual streetwear look. 

What I enjoy the most about this outfit besides the main attraction (pants) is the sleeves. I am obsessed with the writing on these sleeves! My thoughts are that it complements the print on the pants perfectly. Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that we can keep this top crisp white with no ketchup stains ok?

I finished off this look with a pair of black mules to keep the casual and relaxed vibe going strong. I enjoy sporting these looks when I’m just out on the town exploring, shopping or going to the movies.  

Exhibit B

With this look I took the same pair of pants and turned it into an outfit for a night out with the girls, date night, or any event where you want to be seen because when you pair these pants with heels and a hat you will turn heads for sure. 


I don’t even know where to start with this one…I love everything about it. First off the hat, I wear it A LOT and I get a ton of compliments on it. There is something about this hat that no matter what I wear it with it changes the whole vibe of the outfit and adds more sophistication. Let me also note that what makes this outfit so effortless is the fact that I’m wearing a plain $10 t-shirt with these pants.


Since I wanted to kick things up a notch with the pants I threw a men’s blazer over the t-shirt because I didn’t want the look to be so basic with just the tee. I put on some black block heels and next thing you know…I’m ready to go out lol. So even though yes the pants are still the main attraction, the accessories really help to elevate this outfit from basic casual to sophisticated. 

Exhibit C

I feel so accomplished whenever I pull off an outfit that has no black in it! Yasssss win-win! I have a slight obsession with the couture looking blouses so the second I saw this on H&M’s website on sale I had to order immediately.

I had a blouse similar to this many years ago with pretty lace across the front and I wore that top so much it had lint balls and everything on it and it looked so bad I had to give it up and that was a sad day. But that’s ok I got a new one now! I forgot for a second that this post is about printed pants so let me get back on track lol. 

Ok so these gorgeous blue and white printed pants are from H&M a few years ago and I’m so glad I got them because this is outside of my daily wear and comfort zone because like I have said before there is no black in sight. Initially I only wore these to work but I think I might just wear these to an event one day because I am falling in love with them again. This outfit is perfect because it give me serious spring vibes that I really need because the weather just won’t cooperate right now! 

Naturally I wanted to pair these with a pair of nude block heel sandals to keep everything light colored and bright. I feel very chic and ready for brunch in this outfit! Notice that I excluded a necklace with this look because I just felt like this top really holds its own and no jewelry is necessary. 


Exhibit D

And now for the grand finale, the same pants….but giving more. I bought this blue top (it actually has quarter length sleeves) from H&M on the same day that I got the pants because I knew they would look great together. When it’s warm outside I wear this outfit with a cardigan and when it’s cold (example yesterday) I would wear this amazing camel coat purchased from Boohoo. 

I am obsessed! I love how much the camel color just complements the navy blue perfectly! This look just goes to show that you can’t be afraid to play around with color when styling printed pants. There are so many different outcomes. I can achieve this same look with green or even burgundy. Again, effortless!

Here I wanted to show the same look but with a basic white blouse. You can achieve the same look with a plain white button down shirt. Since I had on a plain blouse I just wore a statement necklace to give a little bit of detail to my neckline. 


Which look is your favorite and how would you style your printed pants? Comment below and tell me all about it!

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As always, thanks so much reading!


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