Most Used Beauty Product in March

I am ready to come forward and talk about my most used product in March now. I am ready to shout from the rooftops of my apartment that I have finally found a face wash that feels gentle and amazing! It’s a thick lotion in the form of a cleanser.

LUSH Ultrabland cleanser,

3.5 oz, $29.95
3.5 oz, $29.95

This product does wonders keeping the face moisturized on the days when I’m not exfoliating. It’s a thick lotion for all skin types (mine is dry and sensitive) and you can use it as a makeup remover or daily cleanser. I use it four times a week when I just want to use a simple quick moisturizing cleanser. On the other days I am toning, using a face scrub, or a mask. The main ingredients in the cleanser are beeswax, rose water, almond oil, and honey. To me the beeswax is what makes the cleanser so thick and creamy. Beeswax is a good protectant for the skin. It is also effective when it comes to inflammation and being a waterproof barrier for the skin. Rose water makes a great astringent for skin keeping it fresh and retaining moisture. Almond oil is high in vitamin E, and honey is a great skin ointment. With all of these great ingredients in one product your skin is getting the best of everything!

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