No Thank You, Simple.

Apparently these products are not as "simple" as I thought they would be......
Apparently these products are not as “simple” as I thought they would be……

It’s been a long time people. I feel so bad being away from my blog for so long. I have tried and tried to reach for wordpress but my classes just kept on calling. So finally this term is done and I have a short break. Sadly this post is not a rave about a beauty product. It is a rant!

So I wanted to try some drugstore face products this time since I really didn’t have a budget in place to raid Lush cosmetics this month. I read some pretty good reviews about Simple and saw some Youtube vids raving about it so I i decided to try it out. WORST MISTAKE EVER!  I mean are you kidding me? I have very dry and sensitive skin. According to the label these products are specifically for people with sensitive skin and the product has no harsh chemicals in it. Then why is there a burning sensation when I apply it then??? I just don’t get it.

Did anyone else experience this when trying their product? Please comment your experiences if you have tried their products. I’m at a loss. I didn’t really see the point in looking up the ingredients because clearly these products have to go right back to the store.

Today when I got to work I noticed a dry patch on my face! A DRY PATCH! I clearly resolved my dry patch issues almost a year ago. These products are not helping me progress. I figured maybe I’m not drinking enough water… that can’t be it I drink water all day long! Maybe it’s the weather……It’s been 100 degrees outside for about two months now and that’s never been an issue before. It has to be these products drying out my face. So unfortunately they must be returned. ASAP. I’ll just go back to Aveeno for now. Everyone’s experience with products are different so I get it. No hard feelings, Simple. But no thanks. I miss you Lush Cosmetics. You always treated me right.

Please, please comment your experience with Simple face products if you have used them before. Is it just me or nah?

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  • I have used quite a few ‘simple’ products and never had this problem, sounds horrible! The only thing that was a bit shitty was a moisturiser I tried – not the same one as yours though! It made the areas around my nose feel really raw and stingy, other than this the toners and everything worked fine for me. Deff go back to your usual products! (Love a bit of LUSH too 😉 ) Keep writing, Emma xx

  • I have never used any of the “simple” products ..

    I do rave about, Aveeno. In my mind it i is ALWAYS a great product

    However, It can be a bit costly at times. What advice can you offer so someone that is looking for a great product yang won’t hurt the bank?

    Thanks for all the good advice
    – Steph 😉

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