Styling Shoes in the Winter

“Style. Because personality isn’t the first thing people see.”


Last week I discussed my favorite winter outfits so this week I wanted to post my top favorite shoes to wear in the winter and how to style them. My shoe area is completely full and I do not need anymore shoes until the spring season so I am happy to finally say my collection is complete!

I am someone who adheres to the one in, one out rule so I did a good job of pulling shoes that I no longer wear and either sell or give them away to Goodwill (pats self on the back).

If you are looking for inspiration and style tips for certain types of shoes or even ideas about what shoes to buy for the winter season then this post is perfect for you. Links to the shoes are provided in the photos below 😉


Lydia Double Buckle Cut Work Chunky Boot

These boots from Boohoo are a dupe for the Balenciaga leather cut out boots (I put a photo of them below). I have been stalking the Balenciaga boots for over a year now and I wanted them so bad that I was tempted to shell out the $1300 for them (I’m lying no I wasn’t lol).

I love how edgy these boots are and they look so good with ripped jeans and oversize hoodies, sweaters and leather jackets. They look absolutely amazing in every photo I have seen on other bloggers that were styling them on Pinterest.

I just have to show you the back of this faux leather jacket from Boohoo (I clearly like Boohoo)! Styling these boots with this jacket that has flower detailing on the back is just PERFECTION.

However I am very thankful that I didn’t get suckered into buying the Balenciaga boots because I don’t wear these boots enough to justify the price tag. These dupes from Boohoo work just fine and they look just as good!

                                                                       Balenciaga Black Buckles Boots



Rampage Venice Mid-Calf Western Boots

I like that these boots from Shoe Carnival have more of a simple western boot vibe since they are not like any of the other boots that I own. These boots pair well with cardigans, blazers, and jackets. 


I love styling these boots with this gorgeous leopard wool coat

The heel on these are considered quite low for me (i used to wear very high stiletto heels) so I can walk and stand much longer in these at events.


Larna Pointed Toe Ankle Boots in Metallic Rose Gold

This was definitely a hasty shoe purchase for me this year. The minute I saw these on the Ego Shoes website I fell in love and had to pre-order immediately since I needed a nice pair of statement boots. I have worn these with just sweaters and jeans so far and they are definitely the star of the show and I get a ton of compliments on them. Normally when I style these I keep the outfit very simple and boring so that the boots get all of the love and attention lol.

My favorite way to style these boots is by wearing all black.


David Aaron Freemont Heeled Lace Up Boots

I wanted a tall pair of edgy black boots that I can wear with pretty much anything. I actually wore these boots from Shoe Carnival last night with a short dress, tights and a short black fur lined jacket.

This featured look would be my ideal way to style these boots

These have a short 3 inch heel so they were also quite comfortable to walk around and stand in. I will probably start wearing these a lot since they go with the majority of the items in my wardrobe. Matter of fact I can’t think of anything these boots will not pair well with.


Asos Mojito Leather Brogues

I was looking for fall fashion inspiration on Pinterest about 2 years ago and I saw this picture of a woman wearing brogues and I became so obsessed with those shoes. I finally ordered them last year from Asos and they are great quality. I wear them to work with black pants and a blazer or I will style them with a pair of jeans or khakis and a cardigan.

Brogues are very classic and pair well with simple sweaters, cardigans, and blazers. Photo Credit:

These shoes are so comfortable and stylish! Very different from other trendy shoes that I normally wear. I feel like this type of shoe has more of a classic vibe and I don’t have to worry about these going out of style.


Which shoes do you like the most? Please feel free to comment below your favorites and subscribe so that you will receive a notification in your inbox for the next post!

Thanks so much for reading!