The Hottest 2018 Spring Trends under $75!

Hey you! Today I am giving you the hottest 2018 spring trends! Whether you are paying back student loans or getting your car fixed don’t worry sis. I got you. You won’t get left behind I promise 🙂 I really enjoy writing these posts because I love finding really great pieces that are stylish and trendy but budget friendly. Not everyone wants to spend a ridiculous amount on a “trendy” item and I get that. Things go out of style and you get tired of it and next thing you know it’s just hanging in the closet taking up space that can be used for other things. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to incorporate the hottest spring trends in your wardrobe then check these out.


Pantone’s color: Ultra Violet

So every year the Pantone Color Institute comes out with the color of the year. Last year it was green and this year it is ultra violet. For more information on Pantone check out People’s article here. Ultra violet is really a darker shade of purple but I guess with it being spring it makes more sense to see the color lavender being incorporated more this season. There are many different budget friendly ways to incorporate the color in your wardrobe so feel free to shop these beautiful pieces below and get some style inspo. 



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Sneakers are huge right now on the fashion scene thanks to luxury brands like Balenciaga, Celine, and Louis Vuitton. I love seeing them paired with a denim skirt or trousers. Bored with your sandals and want to try something new? This is the way to go. Although white sneakers are a closet staple, it may be hard to shell out $850 for a pair of Balenciaga white leather sneakers. Check out these sneakers that are not only stylish but much more convenient for your wallet. 

Steve Madden


Clear Bag

I have to be honest I’m a bit skeptical about showing everyone what’s inside my purse. I definitely wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on a bag made entirely of pvc because for one the material is super cheap and two I don’t see this trend sticking around for the long haul (but I didn’t expect fanny packs to make a comeback either so I could be wrong). There’s a few cute clear bags that are reasonably priced under $50. Shop the options below, give this trend a try and let me know what you think 😉 

Fanny Pack

I was very surprised when I saw online that fanny packs were making a comeback. No way I haven’t worn a fanny pack in years! I don’t know yet if I will be rocking a fanny pack again but I have seen a few really cute ones online. I am not sold yet on wearing a fanny pack with a chic suit or dress but they will come in handy for summer festivals, concerts, and travel.


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I don’t know why there are no berets in my closet. If you need an accessory that will give your completed look more sophistication then add a beret. It is one of the best accessory trends I have seen this season. I have seen a lot of bloggers sporting a beret and my favorite look so far is the lavender beret being paired with a lavender floral dress and hoodie in the above photo. 


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have to be my top favorite spring trend. I think they look very chic with any and everything. These gorgeous earrings that come in every size, shape, color, and design have been seen all over the runway and magazines. In my opinion the best way to get some wear out of them is to wear a basic tee, ripped jeans, and sandals and let those earrings do all of the talking. 


Straw Bags

I am excited to see so many straw bags available for purchase this season! They come in all shapes and colors as well so that is a huge plus! I just ordered a dress from & Other Stories that would look perfect paired with a straw bag so I’m glad I found a few that are priced under $50! 

Cat Eye Sunnies

Last but never least, you can never go wrong with styling these cat eye sunnies with whatever even your pajamas. Not only are they retro vibes but they have the ability to elevate any outfit. You can get cat eyes in different sizes from long and skinny to rectangular. 

So comment below and tell me this: what spring trend is your favorite and how do you plan to style it?

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Thanks so much for reading!

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