11 Random Fashion Tips


Welcome to the Style Firm! I have 11 random fashion tips that I want to discuss today so grab your coffee, tea, or wine. You know all of those fashion posts floating around the internet that talk about fashion do’s and don’ts? Well this is the updated version and these are not rules, just tips to help make your style even better in 2018. I promise it is not anything ridiculous like don’t wear too much denim or don’t mix prints.  


Why do you put all your hopes and dreams into one retail store?

I have heard too many times from my friends about how they needed an outfit a few days before an event so they went to one store expecting to find a nice outfit and then they get frustrated because they can’t find anything they like. I have never been the type to rely on only one store for an outfit. It always just felt too risky. I’m just saying. How can one store meet all of my style needs? I would recommend to shop 2-3 stores at the bare minimum in order to put together a last minute outfit. 


One size fits all is a lie!

This is something I have been seeing online a lot lately. How did one size fits all even become a thing? This makes no sense. So you mean to tell me a woman who is a size 2 and a woman who is a size 12 are both going to be able to wear the same size top?

If I see an item of clothing that I like but it says one size fits all I will just skip it. There is no need to waste my time trying to pay shipping for something that more than likely is not going to fit. I really hope retailers stop doing this. 


Highlight your best

Highlighting the best features on your body is a great way to style your clothing. If you have long beautiful legs then show them off in a short summer dress or mini skirt. One of the ways that I highlight my best features is by showing off my neckline with off shoulder tops and layered necklaces. 


Don’t fake it

I know this is a controversial topic and people are going to have different viewpoints on it so whatever makes you feel good do it but I do not agree with carrying fake designer goods (a bag with a fake designer label). When I was very young I did have a fake designer bag but it was given to me and it was long before I became educated on the fashion industry and the amount of work that goes into designing and making these pieces.

These days many affordable retailers are making handbags that are quite similar to a lot of popular high end luxury bags anyway so there really is no reason to buy a counterfeit one (and not to mention the quality is horrible so it’s not even worth it).

If you like a designer and/or brand then save up the money to buy from them. If you just like the style of the bag then buy the same style from an affordable retailer. I do this all the time. Not everyone can buy a $4k bag so trust me I get it. Stay tuned for a discussion that’s all about affordable handbags 😉


Cheap clothing doesn’t last

There is nothing wrong with buying cheap clothing. But don’t get mad when it’s only been a month and your shirts have holes in them, buttons missing, and they fade after only 1 delicate cycle in the washing machine. When it comes to the essentials like t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, button up shirts, and blazers it is best to spend a little bit more so that your clothing can stand the test of time. 


Low rise jeans are not our friend anymore

Let me just say this – there are more benefits to wearing high rise jeans than low rise. Let’s start with the fact that high rise jeans add more inches to the legs and make you appear taller. Also, did you know that high rise jeans have a way of sucking everything in for you? Yup that’s right no more muffin top shenanigans. Low rise jeans are not our friend sis. 


Take a journey to the men’s side

Don’t be afraid to venture on over to the men’s section of the store. Glamour wrote about this last year so check that out here. For the women out there that don’t mind a slightly oversized fit, the men’s department is perfect for finding a nice blazer, sweater, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. Don’t take my word for it though check it out for yourself! One of my best thrift store finds was a men’s blazer from Zara that I got for under $5!


You don’t have to wear stiletto heels

I adored stiletto heels in my early 20s. A lot has changed since then even though my flat feet have not lol. In the last 2 years I have really seen a decline in women wearing stiletto heels and I totally understand why but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing flats all the time. I always say that block heels are the new stiletto heel. Not only do they look fabulous, you can actually survive walking in them much longer than stiletto heels.


If it doesn’t fit then you must acquit!

You are out shopping and see this gorgeous dress on the clearance rack. You try it on and although it is your size it fits really small and unfortunately you are struggling to slide it down over your body. Now we all know how we try to rationalize buying it anyway. You’ll lose weight, etc etc. If it doesn’t fit let it go. Walk away sis. 


Accessories make all the difference

Accessories can really make or break an outfit. I have even been known to plan an entire outfit around jewelry (yes this is a thing). Don’ be afraid to play with statement pieces and really play up the jewelry in order to take an outfit from basic to next level. 


Wear your truth

The last tip….it is important to always be yourself no matter what. You do not have to be instagram goals everyday if that is not important to you. There are so many different style palettes out there and you should stick to what works for you not someone else or someone you see online on instagram or pinterest. If you enjoy wearing bright neon colors and cowboy boots then hey wear your truth and wear whatever makes you happy no matter what people have to say about it. 


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  • I am totally down for faking it! 😂Why pay $800 for Gucci loafers when you can achieve the same effect with Steve Madden or –better yet– ASOS?! While I think it’s great to have key pieces from designers that you absolutely adore (I have a pair of $400 Kate Spade shoes I love), it seems fashion just gets more and more expensive!

    Great post! x


    • Thanks Michelle! I definitely feel you on that I think it’s great that there are so many dupes now for high end luxury items so you can save some money and still look amazing at the same time! Thanks so much for reading!

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