2013 Fall Business Casual Wear Haul

So I’m starting a new career in October and I wanted to make sure that I was dressed for success! I recently purchased new items that I can mix and match with blazers, sweaters, and jeans if there are any casual days. Here are the items that I purchased below:

I purchased this blazer for 40% off at a local store in the mall and i cannot wait to pair this with either a pencil skirt or some black slacks with some boots for the fall.

You can never go wrong with slacks in all colors. The top two pair were only $12.99 each and the gray slacks were $15 at H&M.

These dresses were purchased from Ross for around $13.99 each


A nice blouse goes with any and everything and will be very popular this fall in the workplace. A blouse goes with nearly every skirt or pair of slacks so it’s great to have as many as you can. These were purchased from H&M, Forever 21, and A’gaci.


I am loving pencil skirts right now. They are perfect for cool weather. You can mix and match these with brighter color tops and cardigans such as blue, purple, red, or green. I had to get pleather skirts also because I am really into having a lot of leather items in my closet this season.

I will take pics of my outfits at a later date once I start piecing things together.

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