5 Handbag Brands needing more Love & Attention

How often do you see these bags: Chanel, Hermes, Celine, and Louis Vuitton? You hear and see certain brands so much it’s like a brand broken record. I am all about the underdogs so I wanted to bring to light my top 5 brands that I feel just need more attention and focus. These brands have a range of low end to high end handbags that are chic, trendsetting and style worthy. These brands are not trying to throw logos and labels in your face. The majority of the handbags consist of a minimalistic aesthetic without sacrificing style.

5. Asos

Asos Suede Croc Foldover Purse


Asos New Look Croc Effect Leather Shopper Bag

4. Etsy shop: Tanaa & Hide

Soft Leather Clutch Bag Purse

3. The Stowe


2. Loewe

Puzzle Bag

1. MCM

Medium Milla Tote