5 Spring Fashion Essentials

Welcome to the Style Firm! We need to discuss these spring fashion essentials! I don’t know about y’all but I’m excited because I can feel it in my spirit I know spring will be here sooner than I think. I am so over this cold weather. I can’t do it anymore. I am ready to say goodbye good riddance and I don’t ever want to see you again cold weather (even though inevitably it will return).

It is a dreary day in Texas so I got a big mug of green tea in hand and I am going to tell you the 5 spring fashion essentials that you should buy right now. Not tomorrow or next week. NOW.

I have been shopping online some this week so I can tell you what sites you need to hit up (through the links) and get some great deals on a few essentials and by the way I am not being sponsored by the retailers I recommend.  



You have a ton of options here: ankle strap sandals, wrap sandals, studded, platform and more in whatever color you want. Since sandals are sold just about everywhere in so many different colors and styles this would be a good way to implement some bold color in your outfit if you are not used to doing so already. The option is always available to stick to nude colors (my personal fav). 

Girl I’m on a budget: Since I’m on a budget too I ordered the block heel sandals pictured above from Target and then I ordered the sandals pictured here from Asos but guess what? I got the last pair! See this is why you need to get your stuff in advance when it’s on sale! 

A budget what’s that? If you prefer to ball out of control then here are some high end sandals from Farfetch here and here.



Le Specs sunnies are my fav!

Let’s face it once that sun starts blaring in your face you are going to want a new pair of sunnies so why not just check that off your list now?

On a budget? I recommend ordering some through NastyGal since they have a bunch of sunnies at up to 80% off plus additional 20% off select items. My go to type of sunnies are the cat eye shape like these

Don’t know what a budget is? I love how these Tom Ford sunnies look and they are 40% off right now at Nordstrom.



I’m not big on wearing dresses everyday but I can’t just omit it from the list. They are important and come in handy for spring and summer. The great news is that all of the dresses I found online are budget friendly!

This gorgeous short floral dress from H&M is on sale for $17.99 so check that out here. This short red v-neck dress from Zara is everything. More dress options from H&M here and here. I could go on but you get the idea. H&M has free shipping on all orders right now so fill up the shopping cart while you can. 


Statement Bag

My fav statement bag for spring & summer

This is a big one for me. I am a handbag junkie so I have to order a few bags for spring but I’m going to wait a little bit longer before I order another one. Lollo Vita is a handbag brand that I have my eye on currently. They have this gorgeous white leather bag with black rhinestone detail on the front and right now it is on sale here. They have a few bags available for sale on Amazon also. 

I also have my eye on straw bags. These bags were super popular last year due to the bamboo tote from Cult Gaia being in the hands of every blogger. Although I loved the design of this tote I wasn’t in love with it enough to spend close to $200 on it. Right now I’m interested in the mini straw tote like the one pictured here and this one is available for pre-order on etsy

Want a high end option? I know everyone has been raving about the brand Senreve lately. I recently saw the mini maestra bag in a store and after seeing it up close I have to admit the bag is stunning. What I love about this bag is that it comes in an array of colors including mimosa lilac and coral and you can wear it 4 different ways. There is nothing better than a versatile bag. 


Shirts & Blouses

A bright colored/floral blouse is going to my summer staple since I’m not planning to wear a lot of dresses this year. The floral trend is going to huge this spring so this is a good way to implement a gorgeous floral print with some jeans.

All options are budget friendly. Since H&M is having an amazing sale I ordered a couple blouses from them on Friday so they will be arriving at my doorstep by Tuesday. Don’t you just love fast shipping? Take a look at this gorgeous blouse here (I might order this one next in both colors lol). Also love this bright floral shirt from Zara.  


Is your online shopping cart full yet? If not I don’t know what you are waiting for. Get all of your spring essentials while they are on sale 🙂 


What is your favorite fashion item for spring?