Black Friday Haul Favs Quick Post

So…….I don’t know how everyone else’s Black Friday experience went but mine was a doozy! I tried to leave later in the afternoon around 4pm but I guess so did everyone else. However after arriving to my second favorite mall I was able to run into some great deals and still make it home in time for dinner or should I say leftovers. Check out my top three favs from today’s haul:  Image

Large zip clutch purse from Forever 21, 50% off all handbags

This purse has officially replaced my old everyday purse. I am absolutely in love with the oversized clutch style and it practically goes with anything I decide to put on and I can easily throw all my junk in it and go.


Midi Ring Set from Forever 21, jewelry sale

My new jewelry fave is midi rings. They are perfect for me because I have small fingers and they fit just right. I like this ring because it has a midi ring attached to the regular sized ring.


The corny animal case for Iphone 5, kiosk at the mall 10% off

Yea I fell into it. The huge bright corny animal phone case trend. But I think these cases are soooooooo adorable!! I had to add this one to my phone case collection.

What are your favorite finds from your own black friday haul? Comment below, like, subscribe and stay tuned for the Holiday Wish List Part 2!