Confess Your Fashion Sins


I hate fashion! Just kidding. Now I have your real attention and I can start my confessional. Monday I crawled out of bed before 8:30am and started my week. By Wednesday I had a breakdown (I’m talking about the awkward kim kardashian cry lol). But I needed the cleanse and the release of all the stress and feelings I held in this month. That breakdown helped me to see things and to remind myself to stop beating myself up all the time. I am very competitive and I like to always be good at everything I do. When I fail I am a wreak. I’m stressed out, my healthy eating habits start to decline, and my closet doesn’t get used properly. I was walking out of the house this week with wrinkled shirts, no earrings, toe nail polish barely on, my eyebrows haven’t been done in a month, and I have a pile of clothes to dry clean. Not to pick myself apart but it just wasn’t me to go a long time without addressing these small beauty items on the to do list nor did I care to. My point is when you look good, you feel good. And I know why I don’t feel good right now. I know all of the stress that I’m dealing with surrounding school, career, goals, and I’m not going to bore you with all of it. I just want to confess. I haven’t been on point. The fashion and beauty gawds are not pleased with me this week or probably not the whole month. I’m not as confident as I normally am right now (trust me it gets pretty cocky over here on my best day lol jk). What I do know is I’m on my way to a quick recovery. The first thing I did was face the yoga mat. I came to terms with what I was feeling and did some self reflection. I meditated. Read a few inspiring blogs and books. Then today I wanted to face my blog. This blog means the world to me. It is my fashion diary. Whenever I have a new fashion idea I want to try or I need style inspiration I no longer need to call or text my friends. I can just go here and release it to the world. So I guess what I need to ask myself now is “Are you motivated again or nah?” 

Thanks for reading.

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