2017 Dallas Observer Music Awards

I had the pleasure of partnering with Dallas Observer for the 2017 Dallas Observer Music Awards! The event took place December 2nd in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas. I had an amazing time and even though the event didn’t have a humongous turnout it’s the beginning of a growing music scene for Dallas and I look forward to seeing where it goes next year. There was a lot going on: more than 50 different local artists performing at 9 different venues. I must say the concept is pretty neat, being able to mingle around from venue to venue and “sample” different music artists and genres. I arrived before 7pm and decided to catch a couple performances at two venues located a couple blocks from each other called Trees and The Green Room. Check out pics below of the two venues and some of the artists that performed:

Singer Jude Gonzalez from Reinventing Jude showed off her strong vocal skills at the venue Trees. Jude performed a few indie/blues style songs before announcing that she wrote 100 songs in 100 days! Wow!


Ej Mathews gave a high energy country and blues performance with his guitar at The Green Room. Ej is originally from Atlanta, Texas and won an award this year for Best Breakout Artist by the Living Blues Magazine. I was quite entertained while dancing to a song he made about his weed going missing.


88 Killa from Fort Worth gave an exciting head nod worthy hip hop performance and even threw in a few funny jokes in between songs.


Cure for Paranoia from the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas gave a funky hip hop/soul performance at the venue Trees among a much larger and louder fan base (I am a big fan myself they are so amazing). 

Thanks again to Dallas Observer for partnering with me for the 2017 Dallas Observer Music Awards I had a wonderful time and cannot wait to attend next year’s event!