Deep Dive into Tom Ford

I’ve never been a label whore scouring for only luxury high end items to complete my wardrobe. I shop wherever I can feed my style: high fashion retailers in the mall, boutiques, up and coming brands online, thrift stores, low end department stores, and luxury stores and outlets.

I believe in mixing and matching labels to put together whatever completes your look. Style is ten times more important than just fashion. If you buy fashion but you have no style of your own then how will you know what to wear and how to wear it?

I was doing some online fashion perusing this week and I noticed a lot of Tom Ford hype in my feeds. Hmmm so a high end luxury fashion brand is now becoming more of a household fashion name? When?? Then I thought back to last years catchy and popular lyrics by rapper Jay-z, ” I don’t pop molly I rock Tom Ford.” Is this the reason behind all the Tom Ford hype?

Brief History of Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle is a fashion designer who left American fashion to work with European fashion in early 1990. He began designing for Gucci starting with women’s wear then soon after he was promoted he created everything from fragrance to advertising. This man turned Gucci around and raised profits from $230 million to over $3 billion dollars! In 2005 it was announced that he was going to launch his own label which would be available in the first store in New York.

The cosmetics are the top three successful beauty products at luxury stores worldwide. He has received countless awards such as best fashion designer by Time Magazine in 2001 and Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005.

The Look Through


I love red polish so although this luxury nail lacquer is tempting would I spend $32 on it because the name is Tom Ford? Probably not especially when I can just buy my favorite Zoya nail polish for under $10.


I am a sucker for a nude lip but $49 is steep when you have go to makeup brands like MAC selling the same nude shades for only $16.


Now this bag I am absolutely in love with. It’s black ramskin with a gold padlock. You can either carry the cutout handle or fold it and wear as a clutch. $1,850


I gag and I drool over these Tom Ford boots! The knee high open toe boots are what made me get the Tom Ford itch. These boots are everything in every season fall or summer. $2,450


Simply put: absolutely stunning! I saved the best for last. The Tom Ford gladiator heel is my most favorite, most coveted item in the Tom Ford collection. I couldn’t afford to splurge almost $5k on heels so I settled for a similar style for $200 last year (view my post on gladiator heels in the archives if you haven’t already).

So is Tom Ford worth splurging? Not on every item. If I had a few thousand to splurge on handbags and heels would I shop Tom Ford every now and then? My answer is yes. Thomas Carlyle is a designer genius and has been for years. All Jay-z did was shed some light on it.

What are your thoughts on Tom Ford? Comment, subscribe, and stay tuned for new fashion blog posts!