Embracing Overalls….

A few months back when I saw a pair of overalls in the store my mind immediately went to this:

adorable girl but not the type of style that i'm looking for at my age
Such an adorable little girl but not the type of style that i’m looking for at my age

I have a very young face for my age so anything that adds to that is a no go. So I immediately shunned overalls making a comeback. Until recently I was at an artists showcase and a girl walked by with you guessed it overalls on. Except they were black leather and they looked really GOOD. This inspired me to change my thinking just a little bit and ponder if overalls could work with possibly a cute crop top or a fitted logo tee. And i’ll be darned if I found a little inspiration that fit the bill. I believe some of the things that made it work was wearing heels and rolling up the pants leg. I’m not sure if I’m personally willing to accept overalls in my closet just yet especially with the weather getting warmer because I prefer the jumpsuit look in the fall but maybe next year……..maybe. Here is my inspiration of some of the best overall looks I have seen. They really make grown women wearing overalls o so sexy and trendy. Please feel free to comment below your favs, like, subscribe, and follow CieraNicholle on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and tumblr.

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image image (9)


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