Fall Fitness Fashion Inspo

My fitness essentials when I run: Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes (see prev blog post about them here), Keynice sports armband, and LG Tone+ wireless stereo headset

Working out has been part of my healthy journey for many years but I really started to take it seriously as of last year. Last me make this clear though: I hate working out. I really wish it wasn’t necessary. I love the way I look and feel after I work out. So eventually I had to stop fighting it and get it done daily. My current workout routine includes yoga and jogging. Who would have thought that buying new workout clothes would motivate me to work out more? It wasn’t until I bought a new pair of workout leggings from Cotton On to match my tennis shoes that I realized the new leggings put me in the mindset of being a runner. I’m not sure if it’s the way they fit against my curves or the bright colors but I really want to start buying more work out clothes.


There will be more fitness posts in the future. Thanks for reading!