Fashion History: Prehistoric Style

Hey you! Welcome to CieraNicholle’s Style Firm! Today’s discussion is about what people wore back in the prehistoric times but first let’s talk about today’s outfit. I love this summer dress from And Other Stories but I have to admit I cannot get the wrinkles out of this dress no matter how hard I steam it lol!

Dresses are not my favorite item to wear but I really wanted to try a different look so after seeing this beautiful dress on sale, I had to snatch it up. Since today is a gorgeous spring day, I wanted to pull this one out of the closet and do a simple relaxed look (hence the bare feet in the photos lol). This color is actually sold out but there is another color available also on sale so if you love this summer dress as much as I do check it out here and for more outfit ideas check out last week’s post here.

I am doing a series about fashion history beginning from when clothing was invented to different historic fashion influences. It’s important to understand how the journey with clothing began in order to know where it is going. Let’s go back all the way to 100,000 BCE. During this era there was no fashion week or coachella. Clothing was not considered trendy or fashionable. It was strictly a necessity for survival. Homo sapiens needed a way to cover the body and protect it from temperatures in the negative as most of the earth was covered in ice. 

Prehistoric Style

Homo sapiens created tools like an awl to put holes in leather and a needle made out of bone fragments to sew animal skin. Flax fibers were used as thread to sew the clothing and shoes together with animal hide. For more info and pictures of the flax fibers check out this article here. Those tools allowed the homo sapiens to wear draped animal fur and possibly other materials according to research. 


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Archaeologists found an iceman in Europe in 1991 that died 5,300 years ago and when found he was wearing a coat, leggings, hat, and shoes. Samples of the clothing were taken to figure out the type of animal fur that was used and then a  study was published in 2016 that goes in great detail. Check that out here if you want to learn more but in summary his clothes were made from cattle, sheep, goat, bear, and deer.

This proves that the ice men were very strategic about what types of animal skin to use for what article of clothing. These choices were very deliberate and not as simple as what we see in the media and on The Flintstones. They were just as selective then about what they wore than we are now lol. 

In later years and in other parts of the world, you start to notice how clothing and the tools used to make them evolve. In 2011 archaeologists from Norway found a tunic that is over 1,700 years old and made between 230 and 390 A.D. The tunic appears to be made out of either lamb or sheep’s wool and had a tailored fit for a slim man. Can you imagine how long it took to make something like this back then with no sewing machine?


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These days fashion has become very overhyped due to the numerous social media images of high end luxury clothing and people chasing after the latest trendy look. Don’t get me wrong I am guilty of this as well so I don’t exclude myself from that narrative. Being able to reflect on how it all started really gives me a better perspective and hopefully this post does the same for you. I feel that it is my duty as a fashion blogger to shed light on the past and pay homage to the Neanderthals because without them I wouldn’t have such beautiful pieces hanging in my closet today. 

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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