Fashion & the Egyptian Influence

Hey you! This week’s fashion history series is all about fashion and the Egyptian influence! The clothing they wore may be simple for the most part but it’s the details that really made them stand out. It’s so intriguing to see how much Egyptian style is being used today. Legends like Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti are so influential in fashion and movies due to their iconic headdresses and long flowing dresses with beautiful detailed designs. 

The temperature in the hot desert of Egypt could get up to 122 degrees fahrenheit! Now I don’t know about you but what would you wear if you looked at your phone and saw it was going to be that hot! 

In the prehistoric days the wealthy Egyptian women wore beautiful dresses made from linen or a basic sheath dress with two straps that left the breasts exposed. The dresses were either draped or pleated and decorated with patterns or beads.


Egyptians wore simple flat sandals on special occasions that were made from either palm, grass, or straw and sewn together.

To read more about how the Egyptian sandals made check out this study from the British Museum here


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The jewelry of course is my favorite. The wealthy Egyptians really went all out wearing coordinated anklets, headdresses, gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. The more, the better. Check out some Egyptian jewelry inspo below:



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