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I received an amazing gift in the mail over a month ago, and to my surprise it was a box of Josie Maran skincare products. I have the luxury of using the argan oil, cleanser, and body butter daily and so far I have noticed my skin looks a lot more hydrated (I also use the argan face mask every Sunday) Sadly, I do not have before and after pics 🙁  Next time I need to remember to start documenting when I try new products. I used Josie Maran products in the past but moved on to try some other things due to skincare budget constraints. Despite the high end pricing this is still one of my favorite skincare brands. Her products are paraben and cruelty free, and the argan oil is organically grown, cold pressed, and harvested by women’s co-ops in Morocco (this is all on her website)

Argan oil

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Pros: Penetrates well, gets rid of dry patches on the face.

Cons: Way too expensive

Whipped mud mask unscented


Pros: Easy to apply (I use a brush), does not dry out the face

Cons: Not as strong and penetrating as other masks I have tried in the past

Argan cleansing oil

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Pros: My favorite product out of the bunch!, Can apply without wetting the face first, easy to remove, very moisturizing, lasts forever

Cons: A little pricey ($32 for 6 fl oz)

Whipped argan oil body butter (citrus scent)


Pros: Citrus scent is not overpowering, penetrates the skin very well

Cons: None at this time ( I haven’t tried the other two scents yet)

I wish I could answer how Josie Maran products stack up against other argan products on the market right now but I don’t have anything to compare them to yet. What I will say is the products deliver quick results for people with intense dry skin and I do recommend them for that purpose. My only gripe as I have previously mentioned, is pricing. The price of the argan oil is outrageous and you only get a few drops. If a bottle lasted for 6 months I wouldn’t complain. I got three small 0.5 fl oz bottles and after 2-3 weeks I would finish a bottle. I have decided to look elsewhere for pure argan oil.

I do plan to re-purchase the cleansing oil once that runs out. I enjoy cleansing my face with the oil twice a day since it is low maintenance and a little goes a long way. I predict that bottle will last around 3-4 months if not longer.

As far as the face mask and body butter I prefer to try some cheaper brands once I finish these products. I love the Josie Maran brand but there are thousands of brands out there and I want to look for products that can give me the best of both worlds. I want a great hydrating argan oil formula, I want a little to go a long way, and I want the pricing to meet somewhere in the middle.

Check out lilynlily’s blog post here for some great information about argan oil!

Feel free to post your thoughts, comments, and suggestions!

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