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Welcome to CieraNicholle’s Style Firm! Today at the firm I want to discuss how to find fashion inspiration and use it to enhance or create your style! I almost didn’t post this one but after much thought this is an important foundation for all of the other style posts that you will see on this website. This is for anyone who is either trying to get out of a style rut or a newbie that’s trying to figure out their style palette. So let’s talk about it: what are some ways that I can find fashion inspiration?


Influence by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

 Fashion Literature

I know that with all of the online resources available to us we don’t rely on the old school method of reading fashion books and magazines as much but this method is still very effective today. I collect Vogue magazines and fashion books and I love and appreciate the illustrations they provide. You don’t have to be a collector like myself, you can always go to your local library and flip through magazines and style books and take some notes on what resonates with you the most. 



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Movies and Documentaries

My favorite fashion related movie is of course Sex & the City 2. The reason why this movie became number 1 for me is because I have never sat through a movie with my mouth open because of what the actors were wearing, not what was going on in the film. There are plenty of movies that influenced the fashion industry heavily since both industries work well together to introduce new trends and influence society. 


The Runway

Have you seen the Alexander Wang Fall 2018 show yet?! O my goodness that was a great show! If the runway doesn’t inspire you to step outside the box and change up your style then I don’t know what will. The fact that the designers come up with these different themes and design a collection around that theme is super inspiring. To watch a runway show archive dating back to 1985 click here.


Store Window Displays

Not all stores really take the time to make a beautiful window display but there is one store that gets it right. Since Zara doesn’t advertise much they put a lot of time and money into designing their window displays as well as their store layout. Whenever I go in there I feel very inspired by the color, texture, and design of the clothing and shoes.  

Gucci has beautiful window displays also!



My list of people who play a part in providing style inspiration is really starting to grow. With help from Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest we have access to style tips and inspiration from a ton of celebrities, professional models, fashion bloggers like myself, stylists, and photographers. I could stay on Pinterest and Tumblr all day looking at different looks. Now we have even more apps that provide outfit inspiration like Bloglovin, Lookbook, Snupps, and Like to Know it. Pick one (or a few) and now you have all the inspiration you could ever need!


Music Videos

Music Videos have been inspiring my fashion choices since I was in middle school. Music and fashion really are a love match made in heaven. MTV and BET don’t play music videos all day anymore like the good ol days but now we have the app Vevo that provides access to all of the music videos. My favorite music video this week is “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. It was directed by Dave Meyers and the little homies. The imagery in this video is fascinating and now I want to wear some african inspired prints for spring fashion. 


There are so many more ways to find fashion inspiration but I’ll stop right here for now. These options alone can keep you busy for weeks! So if you are new to this you are probably thinking now what? What do I do with all of this inspiration? This is where the fun begins. Now you have a lot of shopping to do! Here are a few of my tips:

  • Save pictures on your phone so you can view them while you shop
  • Pay attention to the details: color, texture, how it fits, type of fabric, etc. 
  • Unless you need an outfit the next day, there is no rush! Take your time with it. 
  • If you are not in love with it, don’t buy it! (I’ll talk about the exceptions to this rule another day 🙂 )
  • Have fun! Don’t take it so seriously. 



What is your favorite way to find fashion inspiration? Please leave a comment below with your faves I would love to know! Also, if you would like to read more posts about fashion and beauty please subscribe so you can start receiving notifications whenever I post something new on the site.


Thanks so much for reading!