Get My Mind Right Sunday Routine

This is the second part to my first blog post 2016 Sunday Beauty Routine. This is my routine that helps me get mentally prepared for a new week. Some people are able to party all the way till early Monday morning and if that’s you then power to you! I used to be one of those people in my early 20s but now I prefer not to go out on Sunday nights because I work so early in the morning. I am not a morning person and I like to make things easy when I wake up so I’m on autopilot: have my work clothes laid out, lunch already packed, and work bag right by the door. Here are the top five things I’m doing the night before:


The yoga mat that I practice on

I have been practicing yoga off and on for over five years. It is very therapeutic for me and really helps with my anxiety. When I am doing the poses I am also breathing heavily while holding each posture (it sounds a little bit like I’m snoring loud but it’s just breathing exercises). This helps me to release all the tension and be in the present moment. A lot of people are not really believers in the benefits of yoga but I can honestly say it is very effective.


Meditation is not something I am consistent with like yoga but sometimes when I am going through something that is out of my control, I sit and meditate to get closure and calm my mind. I meditate by sitting still either quietly or with calming music then I pick an affirmation to repeat in my head. Then I start to pray and ask for God to calm and heal my heart on whatever is going on. Even though I only meditate for a few minutes now and then, I am interested in growing the practice. Russell Simmons said “If you don’t have 20 minutes to delve into your self through meditation, then that means you really need two hours.” I believe this but doing even thirty minutes of meditation consistently is tough and you have to be extremely disciplined. One day I will reach that level.

Meal Prep

This week I made fettuccine with zucchini and cherry tomatoes (my fav pasta dish lately!)

Meal prep helps me stay consistent with eating healthy during the week. Without meal prep I would be eating expensive high carb and high sugar foods all the time. Since I am still on the weight loss journey I like to plan out my meals in advance. I go to the grocery store every week and on Sundays I prepare the meals.



Reading is something I recently added to my Sunday routine. I love to read a few pages of a book before bed. The last book I started was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It was a library book so unfortunately I couldn’t finish it in time since someone requested it after me and I had to return it lol. I am going to purchase the book eventually because I truly enjoyed learning about how important it is to always be in the present moment. Right now I am in the mood to read a good thriller so I am going to take a break and read something else before I go back to reading it.



I listen to podcasts while I’m in the bathroom. Since I’m in there for nearly an hour I use that time to catch up on some self help. My favorites right now are Trust and Believe by Shaun T and I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty. One gives inspiring stories and inspiration about being healthy and the other gives advice about being a writer.

What common practices do you have that help you “get your mind right” and ready to start a new week?

Thanks for reading!