Henna Tattoos and Fashion


     I have a new spring trend I want to add to my laundry list: henna tattoos! I think this will be a good style addition on days I want to be edgy. I really think henna designs and fashion have a lot in common. I am starting to see some really creative designs online and I want to find a true professional to give me a nice design that will look well with every outfit. I want to give it a try once the weather stays consistently hot since I want it on my feet. I don’t think it would show up that well on my hands since my skin is a darker brown there.

     Henna is a paste made from crushed leaves of a henna plant and it is mainly found in The Middle East, India, and North Africa. It’s mixed into a paste and applied with a brush using only natural ingredients. Henna application is an ancient practice used by women in numerous cultures. Henna tattoos can last from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on how well you take care of it. There is also a temporary tattoo gel called Jagua. This gel makes your tattoo look black without using any dangerous chemicals like PPD. It’s made from a fruit in a South American forest.

     I decided a nice henna design on my foot would be something creative, fun and new to try this spring. The sexy henna designs and a trendy spring outfit (a romper maybe?) do make a hot duo while out on the town.

There will be a followup post once I officially get it. Might even film the process.

Below are my favorite henna designs that I found online:

this one is my favorite!!!
This one is my favorite!!!

hennatatoo2 hennatatto3 hennatattoo4 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hennatattoo6

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