I tried a $170 face mask for a week! This is what went down.

Hey you! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! Today I’m talking all about my experience with trying this expensive face mask from the popular luxury skincare brand, La Mer. In case you have never heard of La Mer it is a high end skincare brand owned by Estee Lauder.

I have been pretty obsessed with overnight face masks for a few years now so I decided just for laughs and giggles why not test out an expensive one. You only live once right? 

So after spending a week with this product I want to share my first impressions on it. If you are short on time then I will leave you with two words: Not Impressed. 

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The La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask is a creamy overnight face mask that claims to “re-energize, plump, & protect” 

The directions are as follows: 

Apply a generous layer to face and neck. Leave on for 8 minutes. Choose to remove any excess with tissue or massage remaining cream into skin.

This product doesn’t have a scent and it felt like I was applying a creamy lotion. Every night I applied the mask after I apply my night cream and leave that on for a few minutes. 

Now I admit the first night I didn’t exactly follow the instructions. I guess I wasn’t very “generous” with the application so I woke up with a dry spot on the left side of my face. Ok La Mer. Let’s try this again. 

The next night I made sure to apply more product, set my phone timer for 8 minutes and read while I wait. After the timer went off, I removed some of the excess with a tissue as the directions suggested. I kept the same routine for a week. 

Now here is where my first problem lies: Do I really want to apply a generous amount of a $170 product and then take a tissue and start removing some of it from my face after I have already rubbed it in? Absolutely not! With that price tag I need all of the product I can get!

The other issue that I have with this product is not necessarily at the fault of La Mer so allow me to explain. Normally when I use an overnight face mask the intention is to hydrate the face so although I am disappointed that this product doesn’t provide that, La Mer doesn’t claim to. Nowhere on the website does it say that this product will hydrate the face. Ok that’s fine. 

So what is this mask supposed to do long term then?? I really want to be shady and just say nothing but I’m going to play fair. 

One of the key ingredients in the mask is a vitality ferment. Yeast in skincare has really blown up in the last few years. It is known to have a lot of nutrients and provide the skin with a brightening effect. It also smooths out the skin and makes it firm. The only con about this ingredient is that there is not enough research to prove without a doubt that the ingredient is truly effective in terms of anti aging (is anti-aging even really a thing when it comes to skincare anyway?) 

Another key ingredient in the mask is seaweed extract. Seaweed is known for calming the skin, moisturizing, and promoting collagen production. 

I also analyzed the ingredients on the CosDNA website to see if there were any harmful ingredients.  2 of the ingredients were rated high hazard (7) due to the level of fragrance: Geraniol and Hydroxycitronellal. This could explain why my face felt like it was drying out but there is no way to tell for sure. 

In my opinion, this product was just meh and it made my face dry. Maybe this product is a match made in heaven for an oily and more mature skin type. And no I didn’t pay $170 I just paid for a trial size thank God. I would be racing back to the beauty counter at Neiman’s to return this product. It was not a good fit for my skin. Thank God for skincare samples. 

I am excited about going back to my holy grail overnight face mask. I have raved about this product in a few blog posts years ago but allow me to introduce you to this product again. 

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Face Mask


Straight from their website:

What It Is
Creamy, oil-free facial mask deeply moisturizes while you sleep. Wake up to a dewy glow in the morning. 

What It Does
Did you know skin loses moisture while you sleep? This rich, penetrating night mask replenishes all night long. It soothes and nourishes to help skin stay hydrated. You’ll wake up to soft, dewy, glowing skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Great To Know
Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Oil-Free. Non-Acnegenic. Ophthalmologist Tested.

You have any friends that clap when they talk whenever they get excited? Imagine me clapping in between typing. This mask is a powerhouse. I can use as much product as I want every night and it goes a long way and lasts up to a year. I can slather it all over my face after moisturizing and then go to bed and wake up with a glowing, hydrated face. The best part is the price: $35. Now this product is definitely CieraNicholle approved!

Have you tried either of these products? What do you think? Do you recommend a different overnight face mask? Comment below your thoughts and let’s start a dialogue. 

Also some blog updates: 

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Thanks so much for reading!


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  • Great to read this. I have noticed La Mer products. Cant really miss them they have marketed really hevily lately. But wont pay that much and this proves my suspicion of them being a pretty packaging.. like so many

    • Agreed there are definitely some amazing products at the drugstore! No need to pay that much for great skincare lol.

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