Leather Frenzy for Fall 2013

Fall is right around the corner and I have leather already lined up and ready to rock! I absolutely love leather (or should I say pleather lol). Check out some of the items I have already racked up on below:

Leather Frenzy

I think my favorite leather item right now is the leather shorts. They are comfortable and easy to pair up with a blouse or off shoulder top with some nice jewelry to go out on the town.


  • Honestly, ive never been a leather wearing girl b/c i figured it was for older people. It looked dated. Ive gradually grown into it by wearing leather jackets, shirts with patches of leather. Now, i own the cuttest pair of YMI black skinny leg jeans with leather strips down the sides of the legs along with a sexy fitted Body C leather vest-looking-shirt-jacket that zips up in the back. As u can probably tell, im no fashionneista, but i love to look good.

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