Lush Cosmetics Let the Good Times Roll!

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It’s a darn shame that I am not paid to blog about Lush cosmetics because I would have made twice as much as what I spent the other day! Either way I’m a happy blogging customer 🙂

My last visit to Lush was of course a pleasure as always but not something I can afford to do too often considering it cost me a whopping $143! It is worth every penny that was used on that debit card too. I have learned to use the products in moderation and make everything last as close to 6 months as possible.

I wanted to talk about two new products I picked up that I feel are a great addition to my summer beauty regimen. Today’s weather forecast is 92 degrees! While I am outside on the balcony writing, I can really tell that this hot summer is going to take a huge beating on my skin.

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I explained to the sales associate that I was looking for a product that is a daily (or every other day) face scrub. I was previously using Mask of Magnaminty and the shelf life of three months was way too short for me! I wanted something that was a little rough but moisturizing at the same time.

The fresh face masks were automatically a no because they had to refrigerated every day and they only lasted less than 10 days. So first I sampled Ocean Salt.

Then they brought out Let the Good Times Roll and I’m sorry but there was just no comparison. Let the Good Times Roll won by a long shot. When I first saw it in the store I felt like it was playdoh.

My childhood instinct kicked in and I was ready to start making shapes with it. Immediately I snapped out of it and got back to the task at hand. On the label it says it has a popcorn scent??? I don’t care what anyone says I smell a cookie all day! I think between the maize flour, cinnamon powder, and caramel fragrance it gives the strong vibe that you are putting an edible cookie on your face.

No worries Lush we can agree to disagree on what it smells like. Aside from the addictive smell, it leaves your skin feeling very polished and smooth. When you use it you want to make sure you wet your face first. Once you add a little of the scrub it will start to form a rough paste and you can begin to scrub away. Once my face was dry I used the Lush product Skin Drink and Ta-Da! I had a fresh face and I was ready to start the day. $12.95-$31.95,

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For my body I wanted to use something different besides my favorite lotion from Lush Ro’s Argan Conditioner. I decided to try their massage bars. Let me give you a short introduction to Wiccy Magic Muscles.

Between the peppermint and the cinnamon spices my legs are still tingly and my dog won’t stop sniffing me. You have to try it for yourself to really understand. $10.95, lushusa.comphoto (10)







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