Let’s Talk: Asian 5 Step Skincare for Dry Skin

With the weather consistently over 80 degrees finally I have been paying more attention to my face and making sure that I continue having that summertime glow and smoothness. This is not easy to achieve consistently. There are many nights I come home and do not feel like toning or moisturizing at all. I have to constantly remind myself that following the different skin care steps for my face are the reason why I was able to achieve better looking skin in a short amount of time. I have really dry flaky skin. I didn’t realize exactly how bad it was until I decided I wanted to start wearing makeup almost two years ago. I also didn’t realize that the products I was using at the time made the situation worse. First off, I didn’t know that vaseline wasn’t a moisturizer. Secondly, I didn’t notice that the majority of the products that I kept in my bathroom cabinets were full of alcohol and chemicals that didn’t keep my skin looking refreshed for a longer period of time. So even though my face was smooth and soft, it wasn’t hydrated. I was slathering on thick creams that weren’t sealing in the moisture. So I did my research and talked to a few sales reps to figure out what I could change and I ran across this article: http://makeupforlife.net/2006/04/5-step-skin-care-routine.html. Here are the ways that I follow the routine and why it works for me. Remember I am not a dermatologist; just someone who wants to maintain that summertime hydrated glow. Hopefully this will help someone who is looking to try some new products and see what works for them.

1. Cleansing

    The cleansing part I already had down to a science before I started to change my skincare routine. The only thing that I needed to change was the products. I decided not to double cleanse and just use one cleanser for day and night use. For my dry skin I really enjoyed using the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. It was very gentle on my face and easy to wash off. The only issue is the price tag. A 1.9 oz bottle is $12 but you get very little use out of it. If you don’t mind the price tag, this is the best option because it’s oil based. My next recommendation of course is the Ultrabland cleanser by Lush cosmetics if you haven’t already you can read my review here.  I use this cleanser daily in between exfoliating. In the past I have also used Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming cleanser that also works very well.

2. Face Mask

     I was not using the face mask often so it was hard for me to figure what type of mask worked best for my skin. I am very wary of the masks because I used a couple and they ended up giving me a rash. I was using a face mask between once a week and every other week. The one that I did love was the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush cosmetics. This face mask felt amazing on my face and I enjoyed that peppermint smell. There was only one con it only lasted three months and I ended up throwing away a lot of product. Other than that I loved it and I would use it again. I just received my Ipsy Glam Bag this month and I saw that there was a new face mask in there so I’ll let you guys know how that one turns out.

3. Toning

     The reason I never even thought about toning my face in the past was because I thought that only people with oily skin needed to. Wrong! Toning is awesome for dry skin also. So after reading about what type I should use I shopped at Ulta and I ended up buying L’Oreal Hydra Fresh Toner. This stuff works very well and at only $6.99 I can’t complain. It’s basically rosewater and alcohol free. I enjoy toning once a week because it really gets all the dirt off my face that gets missed from using only a gentle cleanser. If you are toning already then you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t realize how dirty my cotton pads were going to be after wiping my face down. Toning really gets the job done.

4. Serum 

     I use a quote on quote “serum” at night. Serums are supposed to be lighter moisturizers that work deep into the skin. Mine doesn’t say serum on the bottle but it works wonders all the same. I use Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which is sold at Sephora. I really gave the sales lady in Sephora the side eye when she recommended this product but she gave me a sample to take home and this stuff is AMAZING. I immediately went back, ignored the $33 price tag and took home a full sized bottle. After I cleanse my face at night I put this on and wake up with a smooth complexion. Yup magic. There are tons of different “serums” out there (it doesn’t have to literally say serum on the bottle long as it’s a light moisturizer) you just have to find that one that makes a difference in your skin. That’s why asking for samples in a store is essential in finding what works.

5. Moisturizing

     No matter what skin type you have it can end up dehydrated. The best (and most expensive) moisturizer that I’m absolutely in love with is Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. This is the best oil I have ever tried and it truly keeps my face hydrated. It is unfortunate that I cannot afford the larger sized bottles (4 oz costs a whopping $96!). I am still buying the smallest bottle for $14 and I just use it once a week. I can understand why it costs so much though because it improves your skin hydration in a matter of weeks. I no longer had any thick dry patches on my face and I noticed an immediate difference in how smooth and polished my face looked. My second recommendation is  Skin Drink moisturizer from Lush cosmetics. It doesn’t smell the greatest but it’s effective and not heavy. It has sesame oil in it which works similar to argan oil.

     There is one step that was missing from the article that I wanted to make sure I include so really there are 6 steps.

6. Exfoliating

I enjoy exfoliating now that I found products that work well and they don’t dry out my skin. I have a couple different products that I rotate frequently and use every other day. I received a bottle of Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal facial scrub through my Ipsy glam bag subscription and fell in love with it! When I’m having a pimple problem I scrub my face with St. Ives apricot scrub. Recently I purchased Let the Good Times Roll and I’m using that now until it expires and I love love love it! Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells, helps your foundation go on smooth, and the moisturizer can do its job a lot better.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment your skincare routine and favorite face products, subscribe to the blog and stay tuned for new blog posts!


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