Make Life Slightly Easier


There’s plenty of talk on fashion blogs about bomber jackets and duster coats so before I get back to the fashion I wanted to do one more post this month talking about life in general. So last Sunday I wrote about what keeps me sane when life is going crazy and I wanted to do another similar post this time discussing how to make life slightly easier in a general sense.

Life can be freakin hard. It’s great but it also has moments when it can be downright evil! When I think about my life I look at how it is much more peaceful now versus years ago. So how did I get to a place where I feel like my life is about 5% easier than before?

Preparation for every damn thing (and I do mean everything)

Everything you own in your life needs maintenance so if you take care of things before they break or wear out on you then you won’t have to worry about it happening at the worst possible time in your life. One of my pet peeves in life is having to refill or replace certain things (ex: a toothbrush, toilet paper, soap etc).

I had to learn how to keep things minimal and take better care of things including myself because your mind and body need maintenance too. I like to use to use the calendar on my iPhone to schedule everything and give me at least two reminders to help plan and get things done ahead of schedule  (dental cleanings, oil changes, hair appointments, etc).

Accept that everything will NOT get done

There are days when something else will take top priority. That means you may have a day where you don’t have time to workout, do meal prep, or finish reading that book you started on. It’s ok. There is no such thing as a perfect life.

When things start to fall apart don’t dwell on it

A lot of things happen in life that we just have no control over. So no matter how much we get upset, overthink, and stress the situation will not change. So we have to breathe, relax, change our attitudes, and move on. Distress causes health problems like high blood pressure and migraines so when I learned that stress can be just as bad as smoking I learned to pray and do my very best to just let things go.

Stay away from avoidable and unnecessary drama

Many people live for drama but it is very much like a disease that can consume you and make your life a living hell. You can avoid drama that has nothing to do with you and doesn’t affect you directly. Most of the time if you have good intentions but you are very direct and communicate effectively then you can help avoid unnecessary drama in your life.

So what helps make your life slightly easier?

Comment below and thanks so much for reading!