Mini Black Friday Fashion Haul

This year I did things differently during Black Friday week. First, I did all of my shopping online. Second, I spent a little bit less because I purchased specific items that I knew I needed instead of buying everything that I liked. I have a Christmas trip planned and more christmas shopping to do so I had to stick to a very strict budget. Third, I started shopping long before Black Friday.

In my opinion, during Black Friday week if an item is not at least 50% off or more then it is not considered a good sale. So who got my money last week? Here are my favorite purchases:


Boohoo had major sales all week long ranging from 50-60% off and free shipping codes. I spent my entire week shopping their site on my phone and it was rough because items were selling out in my size pretty fast. I did want a pair of booties that were not black so I found these cute grey booties. I got them half off ($22) and paid the shipping costs since they didn’t have free shipping going on 11/20 (yea I started shopping that early). Either way still a great price for a nice pair of trendy boots.


Next I knew I wanted to buy another bomber jacket. Now this was sorta tough because they were selling out of a size large fast and every time I would go back to buy a bomber jacket in a color that I wanted it would pretty much disappear. I found this black jacket with the badges on it and thought it would be perfect to wear with everything so I jumped on it and got it for half off also ($22).




H&M has amazing sales on basic items every year so I knew they would never disappoint. I have three different packages coming next week from them but I wanted to point out one particular item that I thought was a great deal. I knew this ankle length cardigan pictured below would be comfortable and perfect to wear when it’s 50 degrees outside so I ordered it immediately. It retails for $24.99 and I got it for $12.99. I also went back on the site and checked to see if it was still on sale and it is back at $24.99 and they are sold out of both the large and extra large size. Good decision to buy.

I ordered it in the color grey but this is how it looks on the model


Zoya Nail Polish


Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand and the only brand that actually stays on my nails so I when I saw their Facebook post about a 70% off Black Friday sale I set my alarm clock to make sure I was first to buy at midnight. It was almost unbelievable. They said no minimum order amount was required, you could order any item, and there was no limit to how many nail polishes you can order. Are you serious?! So I went on the site, setup an account, and picked out the colors that I wanted. I wanted to order a lot more but honestly the only items I was going to use during the winter time was the black polish, a nude polish, and I needed a top coat so I put those items in the cart and I nearly shed a tear when I saw that $21 discount being applied. Mission accomplished.


I love Topshop and I’m always looking for an excuse to shop their website so when I saw that 50% off banner I knew exactly what I wanted. I needed another pair of running leggings so I went straight to the Ivy Park section and ordered a pair of leggings for $30 (regular price $65).


So based on my online experience so far, I don’t want to go back to shopping at the mall! 

I want to see what you guys purchased during Black Friday week!

Who do you think had the best sale?

And as always, thanks for checking out my blog!