Motivation Monday: Start 2017 Goals Today


For anyone out there who wants to accomplish their goals in 2017 what do you want to do and what’s so bad about starting on it today instead of the typical date of 1/1?

I mean I get it. Society has conditioned us to believe that January 1st is the date where it’s a new year so everything is all fresh and new. Your life has been reset. Everyone is buying up all of the cute planners and agendas and even the fitness centers are full of people with the “new year, new me” mentality. By the time March and April rolls around tons of people have already given up.

The hard truth that people need to understand is…..if you haven’t already started on your goals for 2017 then you are already behind. Goals need a lot more than just your commitment on 1/1. Here are a few ways to make accomplishing your goals a little bit easier for the upcoming year.



I strongly recommend today but whether it’s today, tomorrow, or christmas day make some sort of commitment. When you start on your goal it is literally just day 1. All you are doing is training your mind that this is what you want to do from now on. If you start working towards your goal on day 1 for only five minutes then guess what? Day 1 was an awesome day! How? Because you started duh!

Enjoy your journey

A lot of times we have the mentality that we will be happy after we have accomplished the goal and it just doesn’t work that way. Make a choice to be happy while you are putting in the work. There is tremendous power in daily positivity.

Have a plan for your plan

The thing about making plans is sometimes they get screwed up. Life starts happening and next thing you know you are falling behind. Create a contingency plan for your plan. Something like “if I can’t work on my goal today then I will…..”

Don’t beat yourself up

When you are trying to accomplish big things in life it is not smooth sailing. You just might fall off. Ask yourself how bad do you want it and know your why. Then just get back on track. There’s no need to be a negative nancy because you feel bad about falling off the wagon. That only discourages you more.

Don’t tell everyone your goals

Honestly if I were you I would only tell one person that you know will have your back and not ask a bunch of silly questions like “Why would you want to do that?” Everyone doesn’t think like you so other people may not agree with what you want to accomplish in life. Stop listening to what everyone else has to say about it! You only get one life.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made

In life you can’t have it all. If you want to lose weight you can’t workout, eat fast food every night and expect to see the results you want. Making the necessary sacrifices to accomplish your goals ensures that nothing will stand in your way. Not only is it worth it but it makes you disciplined and stronger.


Thanks for reading!

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