Motivation Monday: Why Even Do It?




Why in the world do I want to have a fashion blog? Millions of people have a fashion blog. It’s not anything new. So why even bother? It’s not like I’m making a dime from it. I don’t have a million subscribers. Companies are not sending me products begging for a review. Why even do it?

A few years back I asked myself what is my dream and what would I want to be doing even if I had all the money in the world. And every time I think about the answer I picture myself waking up in the morning and going to a beautiful desk to open my MacBook and write. My content is a daily work in progress but I know that if I stop or give up on it or don’t make a habit to post then I won’t get better at what I love to do. Creating content while holding down a full time career may be extremely difficult but nothing worth having is simple or easy. When I look at the work of someone who is well known now and started creating content years ago whether it was posting youtube videos or blogging or having a fashion line I notice that where they started is not the same as how they are today. Everyone started at ground zero to reach success. So if anyone is wondering why they should even do it here is why:

  • Hard work pays off and in ways you would not expect.
  • Hard work, sacrifices, and creativity doesn’t just go unnoticed so please believe people are watching and opportunities will eventually come your way.
  • Creativity is a priceless and wonderful thing to possess and when you make it a habit, beautiful things are created.
  • When you fail at something you don’t just quit. Try again. And again. And again. And again.
  • You are helping someone who is doubting themselves. They see you doing it and now they know that they can too.

Thank you to everyone who is reading and supporting my blog.


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