My experience with

So…recently I have been slowly dipping my toes in luxury fashion and I must say I am enjoying every moment. My bank account however, is not. Naturally I want to discuss my experience with this online retailer MatchesFashion and give the pros and cons.

So who are they?

FullSizeRender (7) is a London based luxury brand retailer that has some boutiques out in London and they have a well organized website that ships just about anywhere in the U.S. I found out about them while comparing prices on a few luxury leather goods on google search.

I had some concerns about the authenticity at first but it appears that everything is brand new and comes straight from the designer. They don’t sell anything pre-loved as far as I know.  When you purchase from them online the item total includes import taxes and duties. They also didn’t charge for shipping either so that was a huge plus.

Their packaging is very beautiful 🙂

What did I order?

One of the items on my wish list was the Saint Laurent 5 fragments grained leather cardholder. It is my dream wallet; a year ago I started to despise heavy bulky wallets. I never carry cash. All I really need is my drivers license, medical and dental card, roadside assistance card and debit card.

In December I decided to purchase a Kate Spade cardholder in this pretty rose gold color that had glitter on it. I really enjoyed carrying just the cardholder and it fit perfectly with my small bag collection.

The only problem was I didn’t have enough room. I still needed to have my medical and dental card and my keycard to get into the building at work. So even though I had the cardholder, I was still carrying along my old large wallet and a coin purse inside of my work bag. How annoying to purchase something that solves none of my problems!

When I first saw the Saint Laurent cardholder online I was absolutely in love with it but not that price tag. I erased it from my mind for a few months because then I thought there was no way that I would pay $300 for a cardholder. Never say never. I ended up browsing online one day and did a search on google for designer cardholders.

To my complete surprise, the Saint Laurent cardholder popped up on the google shopping search for only $215 through I hesitated for a couple days then pulled the trigger and I have zero regrets. All of my wallet problems are solved. There are 5 card slots with plenty of space in the slot for more than 1 card and a zipper compartment for change or folded up bills if needed. It fits in every single handbag I own and I use it every single day. This luxury purchase was worth every penny and I am pleased.


This item arrived FAST. I ordered online then less than 4 hours later I received an email saying the item was ready to be shipped. Then early the next day another email came through saying it was dispatched. The delivery date said it was going to arrive 3 or 4 days later but I actually received it in 2 business days FROM OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES!! That is impeccable. I thought retailer Asos (also based out of the UK) had a fast shipping time but matches fashion has them beat. I was very impressed.


It’s perfect!

Do I recommend

I do and I plan to order from them again…but the thing about doing business with retailers these days is sometimes the customer service can be finicky. I will say that I am pleased with my first experience and I recommend that you check out the website, see what you like and try it out for yourself (at your own risk though because all of the items are beautiful and you will want everything).

Have you purchased anything from before? What are your thoughts? I am adding more items from Saint Laurent to my wish list so if you would like for me to share my wish list I can do a blog post on that as well. Let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog!

**No I was not sponsored by (I wish). I just wanted to blog about the experience and give my initial impressions.