My Favs: week of 1/15/17

I hope everyone had an amazing week! It was a bit hectic for me I had so much going on so it feels good to finally sit down after my afternoon breakfast and write about my favorites! I decided to implement a new blog series that is called My Favs. This is where I will briefly discuss a few random things that I like during that week.

Fav shoes: Mules

I am currently shopping around for some black mules that I can wear constantly during spring and summer. Since the Gucci Princetown slippers are way above my budget I decided to look for other brands that provide the similar style but lower price tag. I still haven’t made a decision yet though. Help me decide which ones I should order!mules3

Charles David Mulley Mule Slide

Cantara Mule
Capri Mule

Fav appliance: KitchenSmith by Bella Electric Tea Kettle – Black


This inexpensive electric kettle is one that I needed for a while now since the cold weather started. I am an avid tea drinker so I have been shopping around for electric kettles but the problem was that even the most expensive ones didn’t have the best reviews. When I saw this one on sale at Target I decided to just go for it. I’m happy to say it was a good choice and it boils water pretty fast.

Fav smell: Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus tea stress relief candle


I didn’t realize how much I love the eucalyptus scent until I smelled this candle inside Bath & Body Works. I will definitely purchase more candles like this soon.

Please tell me what your favs are below even if they are not listed on this post!

Thanks for reading!