My First Birchbox

I missed my blog and subscribers so much! I even miss reading other blogs! I know I’ve slacked off a little with the blogging and I’m still trying to balance everything out. Recently I just started two new classes and a different working schedule. I know things will be a little hectic but my goal is still to do at least one blog post a week.

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So last month I got bored and decided to switch from the Ipsy beauty subscription to Birchbox and get another perspective. I’m so glad I did! I’m sorry Ipsy but I was immediately impressed with Birchbox. First off they had an end of May special where you can subscribe and get your first box for $5 instead of $10. Then as soon as I subscribed it was no more than three days before I got an email that the box had shipped even though it was a few days before June! It arrived in only two days! That’s impeccable timing in comparison to Ipsy. With Ipsy if you subscribe too late in the month they wait until the next month to send one out and it takes weeks. I had no clue when a glam bag was finally going to ship sometimes. Birchbox shipping times are mucho faster. Right after May’s box arrived I got an email June 9 saying the June box had already shipped. It arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Awesomeness!

Favorite Item from June Birchbox

What I like most about the Birchbox items is you receive all different types of products. So it’s not just makeup or just hair products. June’s birchbox consisted of perfume, hair shampoo and conditioner, lip pencil, exfoliator and moisturizer. My favorite item from the June birchbox is indeed the LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in the color Menatour (purple). This product retails at $18 and it is worth it! The minute I swatched this on my hand I had to try it on asap! It felt like silk going across my lips and the color really shows up smooth. It looked even better when I put on MAC lip liner with it. I could really use this product often throughout the summer. If you love lip products then you will enjoy receiving this product!

June Birchbox
June Birchbox

Favorite Item from May Birchbox 

May birchbox consisted of perfume, lotion, eyeliner, sunscreen, and hair spray. My favorite was a tie between the lotion and the perfume. The Perlier body ceam retails at $28.45. It’s shea almond scent is moistuizing and thick enough to cover all the dryness from washing your hands with drying soap in public bathrooms. I keep it in my cosmetic bag that lives inside my purse and it now has the job of being an everyday lotion away from home. The perfume is called Hello by Harvey Prince and retails at $55. I’m not that great at describing a new scent. I think I’ll just stick with it smells good.

May Birchbox Pics

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May Birchbox Unboxing
May Birchbox

If you have never heard of Birchbox or wondered if it was worth it to subscribe I hope this post gives an idea. The products are pretty good and you always get your $10’s worth. Don’t forget to comment, subscribe, and stay ready for new blog posts soon! Next up may be some summer hauls! I plan to make time for shopping next week!



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