Running Shoes for a 5k!


So I registered to run another 5k (I did it last year) and really give it my all. That meant i needed some serious new running shoes with plenty of support this time. I thought about sticking to the same brand as my current running shoes (Reebok) but I decided to try something different. That’s when a sales rep in Lady Foot Locker pointed out some Brooks running shoes.

My first thought was why are they so big? The sales rep kept referring back to Brooks shoes so I decided to give them an honest chance and try them on. They felt like awesome pillows under my feet and I immediately felt a tremendous difference between my old reeboks that I had on and the new Brooks.

After going to a regular Foot Locker and hearing the sales rep mention good things about Brooks shoes lasting longer, I found a Brooks shoe that had great colors in it and never looked back.

According to my research on their website, this particular shoe called the Ravenna 4 was actually featured on Runner’s World as the best buy for Spring 2013. The Brooks cushioning is supposed to provide 30% more cushioning than standard gel or EVA materials. It also adapts automatically and gives the right amount of resiliency to your feet.

So needless to say, I am super confident that these shoes are the best for running a 5k. So confident that i just wrote a review on running shoes that i haven’t even started running in yet. More pics are below. Pricing: Regular price $110, I paid $49.99.,default,pg.html




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