The Blue Apron Review

A coworker was gracious enough to give me a link to try out Blue Apron for free so I was excited to try it and see if it was me. When talking to people about it I still got a lot of “What is Blue Apron?” so I’ll just layout how it works first.

Blue Apron is a membership that delivers meals to your home every week. I’m not talking cheap fast food here. These are fresh ingredients delivered on ice in a box for you to make from scratch at home. You get to pick what day of the week you want it delivered so that you can make sure you are home since these will be perishable goods. I chose the 2-person plan which is the minimum and it consists of 3 meals a week. They also have a family plan that feeds four people. On Sunday at the end of July I received the three meals. I was able to customize what type of meals I wanted so I chose not to do meat.

FullSizeRender (7)
The big Blue Apron box

The first meal was fresh basil fettuccine with sautéed cherry tomatoes and zucchini. It came with four ingredients and three of what they call “knick knacks” These are seasonings and other things like butter or oil. This dish was one of the favorites since I am a die hard pasta lover. I have never tried zucchini in a pasta dish before and I was amazed by how good it tastes with the cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are by far my favorite kind! The flavor just makes me feel as if I’m at an italian restaurant in Rome.

Preparing the fresh basil fettuccine. I totally forgot to take a pic of the finished product 🙁

A few days later I made the second recipe which was corn and green empanadas with cucumber salad and creamy ajo dipping sauce. This is not something I normally order in a mexican restaurant but I did have fun making it. I received eight ingredients and three knick knacks to make the dish. I enjoyed the flaky texture of the empanadas but the filling along with the garlic sauce was not my favorite. I’m not a big fan of cucumbers so the salad didn’t taste that great. I did not eat the leftovers from this dish but I will say it tasted pretty good.

Corn & Green Bean Empanadas with cucumber salad & creamy ajo dipping sauce

The last dish I prepared was spicy ponzu-glazed catfish with zucchini, garlic rice and ginger peanuts. Apparently I inadvertently saved the best for last because this ended up being my number 1 favorite out of the three. I received five ingredients and six knick knacks to prepare it. This asian inspired dish had some amazing flavors that are really hard to describe so I had to refer back to the recipe card. First you have the spicy tangy flavor that comes from the ingredients ponzu sauce and sambal oelek. I didn’t even know what sabal oelek was before receiving it in the mail a few weeks ago. Then you have the garlic flavors from the rice and the crunchy texture from the sesame seeds. So you see there was a lot going on with this dish but everything paired together very well.

Spicy Ponzu-Glazed Catfish with zucchini, garlic rice and ginger peanuts

In my opinion, I believe that Blue Apron is a membership that fits people who:

  1. Enjoy cooking things from scratch
  2. Already cooks nearly everyday
  3. Want to cook more but don’t know how
  4. Wants to cook new and different types of meals but don’t know where to start

For myself, I only do meal prep on Sundays. Throughout the week I’m very busy and I do not have time to make meals from scratch three days a week. If they had a plan that was maybe 1 or 2 meals per week then I would be more inclined to try blue apron more often. I did enjoy the experience of trying new meals and they turned out pretty good. Check it out here for yourself!

Thanks for reading!