The Glorious Smell of Hollister Co.

I have been a Hollister customer for years………how did I miss this?? I knew about that special scent all along… why didn’t I buy their fragrances the first time? This is literally one of those smack my forehead moments. No one can miss the god forsaken smell of that store the moment you turn the corner. It smells like heaven on earth in there. Better than bath & body works (yes I said it better). Somehow after scouring the tables to get the best deals on their t-shirts, dresses, and sweaters I would forget to stop over by the fragrances. Until black friday weekend hit. I don’t know if it was the 40% off sign or whether the scent was stronger than usual this time but I’m just glad I got it right this time. I decided to get the body mists that were on sale 3 for $15 and later on graduate to the perfume. I was literally sniffing the bottles soon as I walked out of the store (literally). Then I sprayed them in my bedroom. Amazing stuff.