Top 3 Favorite Places to Shop

Over the last four months I have been transitioning from doing the majority of my shopping at the mall to shopping online 80% of the time. Shopping online is super convenient, the inventory is ten times better, and you have the opportunity to get better pricing if you wait for the items you want to go on sale. Here are my top 3 favorite retailers:



Asos is a huge british online retailer. The shipping costs are extremely low (under $5) and it arrives fast considering it is coming from the UK. Asos sells hundreds of different brands so I always see something fresh and new. The love the website because it is easy to look through all of their inventory, they have really good photos of the clothes, and they feature a short video of the models walking in the clothing as well. They recently started a shipping program where you can get unlimited two day shipping for $19 a year. I may participate in this later in the year. I have never returned anything that I have ordered off the site but it looks pretty simple to do returns. They provide a shipping label and you just pack it up and send it back. I also appreciate how the product detail section gives a good amount of information: what type of fabric, how it fits (true to size, oversize, etc), and how to wash it. Asos can get expensive but the key is to sit and wait for that sale!



Zara is a retailer that originated in Spain and they specialize in getting the latest trends made fast and sent right over to the stores multiple times a week (like most fast fashion retailers I assume). I love to look through Zara’s inventory whether I’m shopping the site at home in my pajamas or going into their store. My favorite feature on their website is the option to pickup in the store within 3-5 business days. Even if I don’t feel like going to the mall to pick it up the standard shipping cost is only $4.95. I also like how the photography is very large and they have an option where you can put in your height and weight and they will help you find the right size. Zara can be a bit pricey sometimes but the quality seems to be there.



Topshop is another large british retailer that has stores around the country including stores inside of Nordstrom. I unfortunately do not have a standalone store close to me but I do go to the one located inside of Nordstrom pretty often. When I’m browsing their inventory online I use both the main Topshop website as well as Nordstrom. Topshop has some really unique trendy items in my opinion that I may not see on other sites like bright colored faux fur, patchwork, sequins, and embroidered items. Topshop is downright expensive and only a few items go on sale sometimes (unless it’s the holidays) but I love them anyway 🙂

Please share what are your favorite places to shop and why? I would love to read about your favs in the comments below! 

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