Virgo Fashion Checklist

My favorite time of the year for fashion will be here very soon (much sooner for others but I’m in Texas so I still have a ways to go until fall) and also my birthday is next month so I wanted to list all of the fashion items I need to have in my closet for the fall season. Starting from items I’m the most excited about:

1. A bomb ass Bomber Jacket

I want to buy bomb ass bomber jackets that will turn heads this season. I have seen a few with patches and cool logos on the back and I’m like I need this in my life right now!! It’s 105 degrees in Texas so I’ll just have them sitting in my closet waiting for the perfect cool evening to rock my jackets.

American Badge Bomber Jacket khaki, Missguided
Flower Patchwork Bomber Jacket, Storets

2. A Duster Coat that will leave haters in the dust

I will definitely want a nice long duster coat to stroll around the city or go to work in:

BB Dakota Melton Duster Coat, Nastygal

3. Loafers so smooth they make me moonwalk

I love loafers! I have to shoutout bestieĀ on this one because many years ago I used to make fun of her for wearing loafers all the time (see her loafers in the pic below) and now I can’t get enough of them.

BestieĀ ‘s favorite loafers. She got these from Shoe Carnival two years ago.

My ideal pair would be the gucci princetown leather slipper but since my bank account is not setup for that at this time, I can just settle for these:

Truffle Collection Esme Bow Loafers, Asos

4. A cape so I can practice flying

This looks so fashionable and sophisticated to me:

Crimson Cover Cape, Nordstrom

5. Wallets with attachments

In the previous years I was really into carrying large bags. Now when I go out to run errands I don’t even carry a purse anymore! I now just carry my wallet. So for the fall season I want to buy wallets with chains and guitar straps:

Rebecca Minkoff Whipstitch Guitar Bag Strap, $95
Cleo Saffiano Leather Chain Wallet, Saks Fifth Avenue

What items are on your checklist for Fall?

Thanks for reading!