What Keeps You Sane?


I’m taking a quick break from all of the fashion and beauty blog posts to have a quick life discussion.

You are having a horrible, stressful, drama-filled, nothing is going right, fml kind of day. You can’t even. You are over it. So what keeps you sane? What helps you get back into the right positive frame of mind? How do you mentally bounce back from the insanity that goes on in your life? Here are my top list of things that keep me sane:

A Higher Power: Prayer and meditation provides me with closure and acceptance

Writing: Releasing emotional distress on paper (or laptop)

Hot Shower: To release tension and anxiety

Music: Because Twenty One Pilots knows me better than you do

Venting: To gain perspective

Television: The ultimate distraction from real life

Beauty rest: A wireless charger for the mind & body


So tell me in the comment section below: what keeps you sane amidst all the chaos happening in your life or in the world?

Thanks for reading and stay sane.


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